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1: A song you like with a color in the title
2: A song you like with a number in the title
3: A song that reminds you of summertime
4: A song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about
5: A song that needs to be played LOUD
6: A song that makes you want to dance
7: A song to drive to
8: A song about drugs or alcohol
9: A song that makes you happy
10: A song that makes you sad
11: A song that you never get tired of
12: A song from your preteen years
13: One of your favorite 80’s songs
14: A song that you would love played at your wedding
15: A song that is a cover by another artist
16: One of your favorite classical songs
17: A song that would sing a duet with on karaoke
18: A song from the year that you were born
19: A song that makes you think about life
20: A song that has many meanings to you
21: A favorite song with a person’s name in the title
22: A song that moves you forward
23: A song that you think everybody should listen to
24: A song by a band you wish were still together
25: A song by an artist no longer living
26: A song that makes you want to fall in love
27: A song that breaks your heart
28: A song by an artist with a voice that you love
29: A song that you remember from your childhood
30: A song that reminds you of yourself

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low classic s/s 2014

Marina (Villerville), Carlos de Haes

"Pink Skies"
by Mogens Lykke

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